Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Path (The Johnson Review)

Hey, everyone! I'm producer and editor of Tres Pendejos Gaming, Amanda Johnson. As an extra treat, I will be starting my own section of TPG called The Johnson Review. This will be primarily for the more serious side of gaming as well as to bring awareness to amazing games that everyone should know but would not make a good video. To kick start The Johnson Review, I want to start with a game called "The Path".

"The Path" is a computer game that was featured in the book 1001 Video Games you Must Play Before you Die. The story is modeled after the fairy-tale "Little Red Riding Hood". It follows six sisters who visit their grandmother with supposedly only one goal, stay on the path. The game is not a traditional video game in the sense that there are no monsters, and the character cannot die. However, one has the choice to stay on the path and make it to grandmother's house or venture off the path and have the girl meet her wolf.

Each girl has a her own individual wolf, a specific place in which she meets her wolf, and will say different things when certain objects are picked up. Certain objects when picked up by the right character will open up different rooms within the grandmother's house.

I became fascinated with this game because of character development rather than actual gameplay. Gameplay, as a whole, is tedious and boring, especially if the computer you have causes the game to lag. All six major characters are very complex, and the story itself is left up to interpretation.

That being said, I want to look at each girl individually and make my own interpretation for what each story means. If you intend to play the game for yourself but haven't yet done so, I strongly suggest avoiding the rest of my posts on "The Path" until you have done so in order to come to your own conclusion. For the rest of you who are just as interested in the meaning of this game as I am, read on, and I will see you next time!

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