Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Path- Carmen (The Johnson Review)

Seventeen. A glorious age for a girl. Having left her childhood body behind, she enjoys parading the new Carmen. She is fully aware of the heads that turn when she passes by. She'll give them a little bit extra to look at too. A shake of the hips. A wink of the eye. But no more. Carmen fancies herself a femme fatale perhaps. But inside she knows that all she wants is a little bit of attention. From a warm and handsome man, perhaps. Who can keep her safe. Hold her tight. With a strength that approaches violence. He doesn't need to be as wild as she is, but it wouldn't hurt. - (Carmen's bio from the website). 

Before the path: Carmen, also known as sexy red, is seen wearing a black and red long-sleeve shirt, red shorts, and her hair is short with purple tips. 

Carmen is definitely a typical teenage girl. Too eager to grow up without wanting to put in the effort. Thinks she knows everything but really doesn't have a clue. Due to having a nonexistent mother and an overworked older sister, she seems to be lonely. However, unlike Scarlet (please refer to my previous post discussing Scarlet for more information), Carmen has no problem seeking out attention. It doesn't hurt that the opposite sex is the only thing on her mind.

During the path: As I discussed in my previous post regarding Scarlet, we will only focus on the three items per each girl that unlock special rooms in the grandmother's house. 

The bathtub: "A little bit of soap. And a lot of warm and wet. Not alone anymore." I believe that Carmen is simply referring to sharing a bath with someone else. She believes that, in order to no longer feel alone, she must have a significant other in her life. 

The fire circle: "The warm glow caresses my skin. Peels me layer by layer. Until I am pure. For you." There are possible hints here of Carmen not having a good childhood. She seems to want her flaws from her previous years, and possibly from her current ones, to be stripped away so a potential lover will not have to see him. To her, she can be no less than perfect if she expects to find someone to love her. 

The can of beer: "Fresh out and warm in. Spinning head and boiling blood." For once, I think Carmen is describing the item itself. Alcohol typically feels warm while someone is drinking it. Alcohol also causes heads to spin and standards to lower. Carmen's blood has been boiling due to passion for some time now. Beer does not take this feeling away. (It is worth noting that Carmen does drink the beer instead of simply collecting the can).

The wolf: Carmen's wolf is found at what is known as the camp site. He is a woodsman, balding and clearly too old for Carmen. The two sit at the fire circle, Carmen steals his hat to wear, and the wolf hands her another beer. The two drink in silence, and the screen fades to black. 

Grandmother's house: Carmen now walks with her hands behind her neck, and rain is again falling. The ceiling fan was replaced with a giant saw in the main room as Carmen moves through the house. X's mark the doors and walls, similar to the ones on the trees where the wolf was chopping them down. Throughout the trip through the house, one can hear the sounds of sawing and a woman's pleasurable moans. In the bedroom lies a bed with a tree growing through the middle. You then see images of Carmen on all fours with a red X on her face as well as other semi-disturbing images. Afterward, the screen fades to black. 

Carmen's house looked hot and humid with many Xs, logs, and cutting tools everywhere. Everything seemed to have a yellow tint.

Interpretation: Unlike Scarlet, Carmen's interpretation was pretty easy for me to figure out. Sex. Carmen is a party girl who only has that one word on her mind. She has never had it before and can't wait to experience it for herself. She very much sees herself as an adult and wants to prove it to everyone else. Enter the fact that she's lonely, and sex seems like the perfect solution. However, Carmen was not ready to enter in that kind of relationship with someone. The wolf represents someone who takes advantage of Carmen's sexuality and innocence. The Xs are marked on the trees because they are the ones the woodsman selects. Carmen with the X on her face signifies that she is just another lay. Just another one-night stand. She was not ready for the relationship and only sees that after the event takes place. 

After the path: I think Carmen is just fine after the path. She will always look back on her first time with regret and sadness because it was nothing more than a one-night stand made by careless decision-making and a hurry to grow up. However, she will move on with the realization that careless and casual sex does not fill the void of loneliness.

Thanks everyone for reading my interpretation on Carmen, and I hope everyone will join me for part 3! You can buy this game for yourself on the website (the link is in the bio at the top of the page). Also, I would like to remind everyone that the parts in quotations are actual quotes from the game.

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