Monday, December 21, 2015

First Run Anna Gameplay and Commentary


James takes on "Anna" in this video. Anna is a psychological horror/puzzle game with multiple endings. It is first-person with the goal of the protagonist learning the reason behind his dreams of the mysterious house and an even more mysterious Anna. For more information on the game, click here. Please give us feedback as you guys, along with our love of video games, are the reason we do it.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monstrum Gameplay and Commentary

James takes on the game, and its three villains, Monstrum in this video. Warning: contains massive amounts of cursing. To learn more about the game, click here. Be sure to comment and share!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hylophobia Gameplay and Commentary

Hylophobia is the fear of forests and also a survival horror computer game. Watch and see if James has a fear of forests. For more information about this game or if you want to play it for yourself, click here.

Blackwell's Asylum Gameplay and Commentary

James and Peyton are back to explore Blackwell's Asylum! Glitches are abundant and hilarity ensues, To find out more about Blackwell's Asylum, please check their page here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Path- Ruby (The Johnson Review)

The other girls call her "goth"... It's one way of killing people: stereotyping them, putting them in a box and throwing it away. But there's more to Ruby than meets the eye. A young lady by now, 15 years of age. Life has opened up to her as a rotting flower of corruption. She can see through it all but remains an enigma herself. When asked about her leg brace, Ruby says she's in pain. But doesn't specify where it hurts. Ruby does not long for death. She takes a perverse pleasure in observing the extreme decay of adult society. But what will happen when she ceases to be a witness and becomes a participant instead? - Ruby's biography from the Tale of Tales website.

Before the path: Ruby is the girl on the cover of the game. She has black hair, heavy makeup, a red and black striped shirt, and a leg brace. 

Ruby is a very dark character. She seems to fantasize about death on a daily basis. She seems lonely like her two older sisters, but Ruby embraces it.

During the path: As stated before, we will only focus on the three special items that will unlock new rooms in the grandmother's house.

The wheelchair: "Sitting on wheels. Paralyzed soul. Nowhere to go. Fast." In case Ruby hasn't given much of a clue, she doesn't value life very much. She particularly doesn't value her own life. I believe she doesn't think she has anywhere to go in life. Her life is meaningless, not due to her leg brace but because her soul is more paralyzed than her her body ever could be.

The pumpkin head: "If you give me your head, you will please me so much more. From a silver platter, I shall eat you!" Whether Ruby is joking or not here, I think this is simply a symbol of the girl's personality. She enjoys dark things, makes jokes a 'normal' person wouldn't, and not many people understand her for it.

The car: "Engines. And friends. Turn them on. Turn them off. Life. Death. Are they so different?" Ruby does not have many, if any, friends. That much is clear. I wonder if she did have friends, some people who took an effort to know her, and she turned them away either because she didn't believe them or her dark personality was a turn-off in and of itself. This leads her to not value the friendship of others because she can just as easily turn them off of her as she can turn them on.

The wolf: Ruby's wolf is found at what is known as the abandoned playground. He is young, maybe 20, and wears all black. She sits with him, and he offers her a cigarette. She takes it, and the two smoke together. The screen fades to black. 

Grandmother's house: Once again, the girl is lying in front of grandmother's house with rain pouring all around her. Nothing is unique about living room except it is very dark. Almost like black lights are being used. Sounds of an engine can be heard as Ruby walks up the stairs and down a hallway filled with school lockers. The character walks into a massive bird cage which falls to the ground. On the floor is a recreated gymnasium with a car in the middle. Smoke is rising from it. In the final room, a bed is spinning on a massive, rusty carousel. Images of Ruby's body shattered and covered in red, all except the leg brace, are shown before the screen fades to black.

Interpretation: Ruby has, by far, been the toughest of the girls to interpret so far. She is a very introverted person who does not want anyone to know her secrets. She has been alone for a very long time, and she has grown to like it that way. Any friends that she has had have since turned their backs on her. All that is left is to make sure they remember her. Not for being that weird kid with no friends but as someone exciting, dangerous even. I think Ruby fears not being remembered as anything but the weird goth girl. Her leg brace is fake, possibly a way for Ruby to show everyone how truly broken she is inside. She shows no symptoms of injury throughout the game, and runs just as well, if not better, than the other girls. Ruby constantly refers to death, the possibility of herself dying, and even makes the comment that she doubts she herself will reach old age. Ruby's wolf represents everything that she does to try and gain attention while putting herself in danger.

After the path: Ruby, after facing ridicule from her school and trying to make people pay attention to her, finally faced something she couldn't handle. She actually came close to death, and it showed her that life isn't a game. Maybe she ended up in a hospital, barely woke up from whatever she did, and finally saw that her life is a lot more important than she thought. Ruby may continue to stupidly risk her life for no reason, or she may finally wake up and realize that she only gets one shot. While her life is no more improved after her experience on the path, her outlook on life has improved greatly.

Thanks everyone for reading my spiel on the third oldest child Ruby. Next time, we will be interpreting Ginger's experience. Be sure to keep reading, and we will see you next time! (As always, anything put in quotation marks and quotes said throughout the game and not my work.)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

Amnesia Gameplay and Commentary Part 1

Watch Tyler's first attempt at playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent in this video. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror game in which the only defense the player has against the monsters is to run and hide. A sanity meter is used to judge how sane the player is. The more it goes down, the stranger the game. Please leave feedback! You can find the wiki page for Amnesia here.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Path- Carmen (The Johnson Review)

Seventeen. A glorious age for a girl. Having left her childhood body behind, she enjoys parading the new Carmen. She is fully aware of the heads that turn when she passes by. She'll give them a little bit extra to look at too. A shake of the hips. A wink of the eye. But no more. Carmen fancies herself a femme fatale perhaps. But inside she knows that all she wants is a little bit of attention. From a warm and handsome man, perhaps. Who can keep her safe. Hold her tight. With a strength that approaches violence. He doesn't need to be as wild as she is, but it wouldn't hurt. - (Carmen's bio from the website). 

Before the path: Carmen, also known as sexy red, is seen wearing a black and red long-sleeve shirt, red shorts, and her hair is short with purple tips. 

Carmen is definitely a typical teenage girl. Too eager to grow up without wanting to put in the effort. Thinks she knows everything but really doesn't have a clue. Due to having a nonexistent mother and an overworked older sister, she seems to be lonely. However, unlike Scarlet (please refer to my previous post discussing Scarlet for more information), Carmen has no problem seeking out attention. It doesn't hurt that the opposite sex is the only thing on her mind.

During the path: As I discussed in my previous post regarding Scarlet, we will only focus on the three items per each girl that unlock special rooms in the grandmother's house. 

The bathtub: "A little bit of soap. And a lot of warm and wet. Not alone anymore." I believe that Carmen is simply referring to sharing a bath with someone else. She believes that, in order to no longer feel alone, she must have a significant other in her life. 

The fire circle: "The warm glow caresses my skin. Peels me layer by layer. Until I am pure. For you." There are possible hints here of Carmen not having a good childhood. She seems to want her flaws from her previous years, and possibly from her current ones, to be stripped away so a potential lover will not have to see him. To her, she can be no less than perfect if she expects to find someone to love her. 

The can of beer: "Fresh out and warm in. Spinning head and boiling blood." For once, I think Carmen is describing the item itself. Alcohol typically feels warm while someone is drinking it. Alcohol also causes heads to spin and standards to lower. Carmen's blood has been boiling due to passion for some time now. Beer does not take this feeling away. (It is worth noting that Carmen does drink the beer instead of simply collecting the can).

The wolf: Carmen's wolf is found at what is known as the camp site. He is a woodsman, balding and clearly too old for Carmen. The two sit at the fire circle, Carmen steals his hat to wear, and the wolf hands her another beer. The two drink in silence, and the screen fades to black. 

Grandmother's house: Carmen now walks with her hands behind her neck, and rain is again falling. The ceiling fan was replaced with a giant saw in the main room as Carmen moves through the house. X's mark the doors and walls, similar to the ones on the trees where the wolf was chopping them down. Throughout the trip through the house, one can hear the sounds of sawing and a woman's pleasurable moans. In the bedroom lies a bed with a tree growing through the middle. You then see images of Carmen on all fours with a red X on her face as well as other semi-disturbing images. Afterward, the screen fades to black. 

Carmen's house looked hot and humid with many Xs, logs, and cutting tools everywhere. Everything seemed to have a yellow tint.

Interpretation: Unlike Scarlet, Carmen's interpretation was pretty easy for me to figure out. Sex. Carmen is a party girl who only has that one word on her mind. She has never had it before and can't wait to experience it for herself. She very much sees herself as an adult and wants to prove it to everyone else. Enter the fact that she's lonely, and sex seems like the perfect solution. However, Carmen was not ready to enter in that kind of relationship with someone. The wolf represents someone who takes advantage of Carmen's sexuality and innocence. The Xs are marked on the trees because they are the ones the woodsman selects. Carmen with the X on her face signifies that she is just another lay. Just another one-night stand. She was not ready for the relationship and only sees that after the event takes place. 

After the path: I think Carmen is just fine after the path. She will always look back on her first time with regret and sadness because it was nothing more than a one-night stand made by careless decision-making and a hurry to grow up. However, she will move on with the realization that careless and casual sex does not fill the void of loneliness.

Thanks everyone for reading my interpretation on Carmen, and I hope everyone will join me for part 3! You can buy this game for yourself on the website (the link is in the bio at the top of the page). Also, I would like to remind everyone that the parts in quotations are actual quotes from the game.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Path- Scarlet (The Johnson Review)

Scarlet is the oldest of six. The firstborn. In a family with an invisible mother. Quite a responsibility. One that she faces with determination and a sense of duty and pride. She is 19 years of age. She should probably be enjoying what’s left of her youth. But with five younger sisters, one more unruly than the other, somebody needs to maintain order and stability.
Not that Scarlet doesn’t wish to share the burden. Or a moment of silence. A moment of quiet understanding with a soulmate. A moment of true togetherness. Her loneliness is a secret she will take to the grave. Sooner than she may expect. -Scarlet's bio from Tale of Tales website.

Before the path: Scarlet, also known as stern red, is seen wearing a black shirt and pants with a red shawl and headband. Her hair is in a low ponytail. Overall, her look is very clean and modest. 

I find Scarlet to be placed in a position she wasn't ready for. She places the mother-figure for five younger girls, a position no 19 year-old should be in. She is very artistic, a perfectionist, and enjoys playing the piano, even going as far as to say she "couldn't live in a world without art". Despite all of her responsibilities, I don't think she has given up her dream of becoming a pianist.

During the path: There are six rows in the basket with rooms for items that can be picked up along the way during the game. The first three rows are reserved for items that almost any girl can pick up and will say something different about. The last three rows will be split into sections leaving three for each girl. These spaces are reserved for three special items per girl that will unlock new rooms in the grandmother's house. For the sake of this post, we will only focus on the special items.

The spiderweb: "The panic that consumes you is the fear of order." This item was the easiest to decipher the meaning. Scarlet, while enjoying maintaining order, is at the same time afraid of it. I think that she is afraid of order consuming her, that all of her life will be nothing but order. 

The television: "Chaos awaits order like you await me. Let me silence this madness and sing for thee." This item was a little tougher, and I went back and forth with this meaning quite a bit. However, I decided that the analogy is unrelated. "Chaos awaits order" was used simply because Scarlet would know this quite well. Chaos was never straightened out by itself, always waiting on order to fix it. Chaos awaits order like doubt awaits Scarlet. Doubt, the ever whispering voice in her ear that tells her she will never be good enough. She will never be recognized for the wonderful pianist that she is. Scarlet tries to drown out this voice by singing it away. 

The clothesline: "Get dirty to be clean. No light without darkness. A tear and a smile." As I said about the spider web, Scarlet hates order. She has a sense of pride in her responsibilities and enjoys keeping the order. However, she is ultimately terrified that her life will boil down to nothing but keeping the order. A tear and a smile represent how she feels when completing her chores: pride in the work but upset that she may never be known for anything else.

The wolf: Scarlet meets her wolf in what is known as the abandoned theater. He is an older man with a white wig and black suit. He paces back and forth in the area. It can be concluded that the music Scarlet hears periodically throughout the forest was made by him on the piano on the stage. Scarlet can be directed to sit at the piano and play. Once she plays the piano and her wolf walks over, he leans over her as she plays and the curtain falls over the screen.

Grandmother's house: The screen fades to Scarlet lying on the path in front of her grandmother's house. It is now raining, and the character can no longer run. Instead, she walks slowly, never lifting her head. The player has no choice but to move in the direction chosen by the character.

Scarlet's house is very bleak. All of the furniture is covered in cloth, and there is nothing on the walls but paint. In the next room, many jars are on the floor, all in perfect order. After that, books can be found in stacks on the floor. In the music room, all of the instruments, including a piano, are floating in the air. The piano plays the song Scarlet played when she met her wolf, only now the music is discorded and chaotic. The final room leads to fog with disturbing images going across the screen of Scarlet's wolf, Scarlet with tears in her eyes, and order of the piano resumes. Screen fades to black and score is evaluated. 

Interpretation: After playing and reviewing everything I could find about the character without looking at someone else's interpretation, I came to my conclusion. Scarlet's wolf represents failure. Scarlet's life is less to be desired. The only thing that brings her true pleasure is her love of art and music. However, she has no one to share it with. This leaves Scarlet very lonely. While Scarlet does enjoy maintaining order in her home and life, she wants something more. In Scarlet's mind, the only thing that can possibly bring her to find someone who enjoys music as much as she does as well as make sure that her life will be more than just maintaining order is her own talent. 

Scarlet's meeting with her wolf resembles an audition. Her wolf is very stern and seems to be a professional pianist. At the end of the meeting, a curtain is lowered like the audition is over. And Scarlet failed.

After the wolf encounter, Scarlet seems almost disappointed in herself. Her house is a world without art because she wouldn't be able to look at anything beautiful when she herself couldn't create it. Books and order become her life because she could not connect with anyone who loved music without meeting them. All of the instruments are floating just out of Scarlet's reach, almost unattainable. The piano plays her song, highlighting all of the mistakes Scarlet thinks she made. 

After the wolf: It is hard to imagine what happened to Scarlet after her wolf meeting. I seem to imagine that she would be a hollow version of herself. The fear of failure keeps her from ever putting herself out there in order to be recognized as a great pianist. In hopes of avoiding the fear she faced in the woods, Scarlet makes her darkest fear come true. Scarlet believes she must accept that order and loneliness will consume her life because she becomes too afraid that the little voice of doubt would be proven correct: she really isn't good enough. 

(I hope everyone enjoyed my interpretation on Scarlet, and I will work on Carmen's story soon.)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Tender Cut Gameplay and Commentary

The Tender Cut is a first-person game based off of a scene from a French movie. The gameplay is hugely surrealistic and symbolic without much obvious meaning. Now, watch Tyler and Peyton completely fail at attempting to understand it.

The Path (The Johnson Review)

Hey, everyone! I'm producer and editor of Tres Pendejos Gaming, Amanda Johnson. As an extra treat, I will be starting my own section of TPG called The Johnson Review. This will be primarily for the more serious side of gaming as well as to bring awareness to amazing games that everyone should know but would not make a good video. To kick start The Johnson Review, I want to start with a game called "The Path".

"The Path" is a computer game that was featured in the book 1001 Video Games you Must Play Before you Die. The story is modeled after the fairy-tale "Little Red Riding Hood". It follows six sisters who visit their grandmother with supposedly only one goal, stay on the path. The game is not a traditional video game in the sense that there are no monsters, and the character cannot die. However, one has the choice to stay on the path and make it to grandmother's house or venture off the path and have the girl meet her wolf.

Each girl has a her own individual wolf, a specific place in which she meets her wolf, and will say different things when certain objects are picked up. Certain objects when picked up by the right character will open up different rooms within the grandmother's house.

I became fascinated with this game because of character development rather than actual gameplay. Gameplay, as a whole, is tedious and boring, especially if the computer you have causes the game to lag. All six major characters are very complex, and the story itself is left up to interpretation.

That being said, I want to look at each girl individually and make my own interpretation for what each story means. If you intend to play the game for yourself but haven't yet done so, I strongly suggest avoiding the rest of my posts on "The Path" until you have done so in order to come to your own conclusion. For the rest of you who are just as interested in the meaning of this game as I am, read on, and I will see you next time!

One Night at Flumpty's 2 Gameplay and Commentary

The circus seems to be back in town. Do you like clowns? Neither do we, they are mean to us! Especially this one it seems. I think he may be out to get us! I know he was after James.

Welcome back to Tres Pendejos Gaming where once again James is back in the driver's seat. This time, he is playing the sequel to the egg-loving One Night at Flumpty's. The main difference here is that our dear James is now able to be seen and heard. Let the hilarity ensue! Watch the video, get a laugh, and remember this blog as we will upload more videos in the coming weeks.

For more information on the game, visit the Wiki page here

Monday, November 16, 2015

One Night at Flumpty's Gameplay and Commentary

Do you like eggs? It is an odd question, yes, but it has a point. Do like to eat eggs? They can be served so many different ways and taste differently depending on the style. Now, have you ever had an egg try to eat you? Neither has James.

James once again is the star player in this fan-made game inspired by the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise as well. The game is similar to the original: survive until 6 AM. Watch the video, get a laugh, and remember this blog as we will upload more videos in the coming weeks.

For more information about the game, visit the Wiki page!
Hi again guys! We are currently editing another video to upload so bear with us and we will have it up on the blog and Youtube shortly. Thanks and have fun!

Five Nights at the Krusty Krab Gameplay and Commentary

Everybody remembers Spongebob, right? He works at the Krusty Krab where all the other characters congregate. Remember the smell of the grill? (We were kids, so we used our imagination.) The old look of the interior? Maybe even the homicidal screeching of animatronics trying to kill you? Wait, what?

This is our first attempt at gameplay commentary. Five Nights at the Krusty Krab is a fan-made tribute of the Five Nights at Freddy's series. The goal is to survive the attacks until 6 AM. This includes fending off some of the denizens of Bikini Bottom to stay alive and keep your sanity. Tyler James is our main player in the video. Hope you laugh and enjoy.

For more information on the game, visit the Wiki page